Q. Why choose our flowers over my local florist or supermarket?
A. At Beards & Daisies we are passionate about fabulous flowers and while only select varieties of focal flowers are used in our boxes (hardy and less thirsty options),  we go to town on the complementary flowers and foliage. Whether it’s the futuristic looking Brunia (check out The Dove) or the ethereal Fern, our flower boxes let YOU be the florist. We love our designs to look loose and wild but we’ll let you decide how to arrange yours. Use a vase, jug, or urn - the choice is yours!
Q. I’m no expert but flowers need water, how do they survive the journey?
A. We only select flowers which are less dependant on water and which come in closed bud form. When the flowers leave us, we cut the stems straight which seals the water in which the flower has been drinking. When you receive the flowers re-cut at a 45 degree angle and place in water, it's a bit like magic watching the flowers open before your eyes! 
Q. How much is postage and packaging?
A. It’s free with 93% of boxes arriving the next day.
Q. Where do you deliver?
A. Our flowers are delivered to any address within the United Kingdom other than the Channel Islands.
Q. Can I get my flower box delivered 7 days a week?
A. Unfortunately we can’t deliver flower boxes on a Sunday as there is no Royal Mail service. We avoid flowers being in transit for 48hrs which also prevents us from delivering on a Monday.
Q. By when do I need to order to receive my flowers the next day? 
A. Order by 4pm for next day delivery.
Q. Help, have i got to arrange them - I’m no florist!
A. Inside every flower box we include top tips for arranging your flowers. We love our flowers to look imprecise, loose and wild and experimenting is part of the fun!
Q. I've received a flower I wasn't expecting in my flowerbox? 
A. Occasionally, flowers might not be available, when this happens we will substitute the flower with something similar and equally beautiful!
Q. If I order a 3 month subscription when will the second and third flower box be delivered?
A. We deliver your second and third box on the same day of the month that your first box was delivered so there is a month between each delivery.
Q. I’ve been given the gift of a flower box subscription but I won’t be at home when my second box is due.
A. Not a problem, simply contact us and let us know a suitable delivery date.
Q. Will I get the same three flower boxes delivered?
A. Once you’ve selected your first flower box, our florists will surprise you with the second and third box to ensure you receive a variety over the course of three months.
Q. I’ve heard Lilies are toxic to cats?
A. Sadly all parts of a Lily are poisonous to cats, if you would like us to remove this from your arrangement please contact us and we will do our best to substitute it for you.
Q. How can I pay for my flower box? 
A. We accept all major bank cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express. For speed you can also pay via Paypal.
Q. I’ve got a problem with my flower box, shall i send it back?
A. Please don’t send them back, contact us first and we’ll do our best to resolve your issue. 
Q. How can i contact you?
A. Email us at or call us Monday to Friday 9-5pm on 0203 828 9600.