3 ways to create a bee friendly garden

3 ways to create a bee friendly garden

It’s World Bee Day! To celebrate here’s three ways to help this essential pollinator and create a bee-friendly garden.

1. Fill your garden with plants

An obvious place to start, but you’re not the only one who loves outdoor space to be packed with plants – bees do too! Choose flowering types that are rich in pollen and nectar. Geraniums, lavender, and salvias are some great examples of bee-friendly plants.

2. Save some of your weeds

Whilst you may be tempted to remove the naturally occurring plants that we consider weeds, such as lawn clovers and dandelions, bees on the other hand love them! This is because they provide essential pollen for them early on in the season. If you don’t want to let them grow over your entire lawn, preserve a small unmown corner for them.

3. Avoid pesticides

Boycott using common pesticides as these can contaminate plants and consequently kill bees. Instead use natural and organic alternatives in your garden – vinegar and Epsom salt are two good alternatives and we guarantee you’ve got both in your kitchen cupboard.