About Us



Welcome to Beards & Daisies, a business born out of a passion for plants. My love of houseplants began in 2001 when I moved into my first home, after carrying a 6ft Monstera over my shoulder all the way home on the bus back from a well known Swedish home furnishings retailer. I knew then there was a better way of getting plants delivered…

We bring together a carefully curated selection of indoor houseplants, featuring some lesser spotted varieties that you might not find in your local garden centre! We believe that plants are the perfect way to update your home or office and with numerous studies highlighting their wellbeing benefits for you, your family or colleagues.

Myself and the team are fanatical about plants. We genuinely do live and breathe plants, which is lucky as some of our plants have great air purifying features, removing toxins from the air.

If you’re a new plant parent or looking to extend your collection please do get in touch. We’re always on hand to offer friendly advice, over the phone or via our live chat you can pick our brains on the perfect pot or which plant will sit in that dark corridor (it’s a Kentia Palm by the way).

It's not just our products that are green. We're proud that 100% of our packaging is now either recyclable or compostable. As a company we've made a concerted effort to switch to sustainable packaging, it may be a little more pricey, but we sleep better at night.

Jo, Founder x