4 ways to live greener with bottlegreen

4 ways to live greener with bottlegreen

Being eco-friendly really can be easy as these simple switches prove.

From the products we buy, to the places we shop – we can all find small ways to be a little kinder to the planet. We’ve teamed up with our friends at bottlegreen to share four simple steps that result in less impact on the Earth.

Try a plastic-free week

This might sound difficult at first, but once you get into the mindset of it, you’ll find there are many sustainable swaps from single-use plastic items. Think about your favourite takeaway coffee – instead of having your beverage in the disposable cups, bring your own keep cup. Or when you go shopping, ditch the plastic bags (and save yourself 5p in the process – hey, it all adds up!) and bring a tote bag with you. Once you have given this a go, you could even think about swapping out other materials. For example, switching from clear glass to green cuts packaging-related CO2 emissions by 20 percent (Waste and Resources Action Programme Study). Frankie Severn, Marketing Executive at bottlegreen explains: “Green glass has a much higher recycled content, we are talking 72.4 percent, versus an industry standard of 28.9 percent - would you believe?! I would challenge you to find a greener glass than bottlegreen!” You can even use bottlegreen’s elegant conical bottles to create the perfect candlestick holders, single-stem flower vases and fairy light jars. Frankiee adds: “If you feel like getting really creative, why not try creating your very own light feature?” Don’t forget to share your masterpieces @bottlegreendrinks.

Get closer to nature

Studies have shown that exposure to nature relieves stress within minutes, reducing muscle tension, blood pressure and cortisol levels. What’s more, time in nature also boosts endorphin levels and dopamine production, which promotes happiness. And this isn’t just a benefit to yourself, but the planet too, as according to a recent study from the University of Plymouth, it can make us more environmentally-friendly. The research found that individuals who visit natural spaces weekly, feel psychologically connected to them, meaning they’re more likely to act in a conscious way which promotes the health of the planet. “You can reflect this in your day-to-day life by not only escaping into nature, but also by welcoming it into your home by taking a moment to sip back and relax with not only a houseplant and bottlegreen’s seasonal symphony,” says Frankie. “We created this video as a way to really immerse yourself into the sounds of nature by using relaxing ASMR and nature sounds, it is sure to help you relax and unwind – have a listen for yourself!”

Grow your own

This past year, we have definitely been encouraged to step out of our comfort zone. “Whether it’s nurturing your own veg patch or getting creative in the kitchen, it’s been a great excuse for us to try something new – why not try making our veg patch inspired Garden Gimlet recipe which is a firm favourite of mine,” suggests Frankie. “Bottlegreen elderflower cordial is a kitchen essential in my house and this year has been no exception! We have been testing out some delicious elderflower bakes too and I even had a go at making my own elderflower wine! Why not have a go at creating something spectacular and delicious yourselves?”

Fix it, don’t throw it

Our culture has become accustomed to throwing things away when they appear to no longer serve their original purpose. But there’s so much joy, reward, and serious eco points, to be reaped by repairing these items and showing them a bit of old-fashioned TLC. This mantra lends itself to many items in the home – whether that’s a vintage pair of jeans that now feel a little tight – repurpose the material to create a bag or cushion cover, or perhaps it’s torn upholstery on your furniture. Get creative and do a DIY job. Your efforts will surprise you.   

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