back to uni: 5 easy ways to elevate your student digs

back to uni: 5 easy ways to elevate your student digs

Make your university accommodation more homely with these clever styling hacks, including the best low maintenance plants to keep. 

Whether you're a fresher heading to halls, or a second or third year moving into a flat or house share, these tips will help you make the most of your space. 

1. Make use of a mirror 

Allow us to share an interiors secret – mirrors not only serve their obvious function, but also help to create the illusion of more space by reflecting light. Genius! Of course, you may need to seek permission before hanging anything from the walls. Alternatively, place your mirror on a sturdy surface.

2. Add in some plants 

A no-brainer for us! Plants add colour and character to any home. Don’t worry if you're too busy studying (or partying....!) either to tend to an extensive plant care routine, the following types of greenery are all incredibly low maintenance and cope with neglect - no matter how unintentional. The Kentia Palm and Cast Iron Plant  are great options for bigger rooms, but if your room doesn't allow much space, choose a Golden Pothos which works well trailing on a shelf. 

3. Create a statement wall

This is a great way to let your personality shine through. Hang a collection of your favourite photos here and coordinate them all together with matching frames. Plus, this is a great reminder of home if ever you start to miss family or friends. 

4. Let there be light

Clever use of lighting is another hack to make your space look and feel bigger. Spot lights or single lights can be quite harsh and create shadows, making your hallway appear darker. Instead, choose fairy lights, lamps or candles, and dot them around your room. This draws the eye down the space, making it look larger.

5. Use clever storage solutions

Tidy space, tidy mind right? Even if you prefer to do your studying in the library, having a clean space to return to after lectures will help you feel calmer and happier. For example, invest in a shoe rack or a combined storage and bench unit to hide away any items that could clutter your space. You don't need to spend a fortune either - take it from us, Wilko will be your new favourite shop as a student. They sell everything from stationary to toiletries to furniture - all cheap as chips! 

Greenify your space with these easy-care plants, perfect for student living. 

Shelfie bundle 

Mini cacti trio 

Snake plant