5 plants for conservatories

5 plants for conservatories


Greenery suits every part of your home!

This part of your home will experience plenty of sunlight thanks to the beautiful glass structure of a conservatory. Don’t worry about the light phasing these types of greenery however– they’ll be sure to thrive here. 

Bird of paradise

This tall plant will bring a tropical vibe to your conservatory and really deserves its own corner of the room. It will enjoy the warmth and sunlight provided by this part of your home.

Cacti trio

As dessert plants, cacti are used to warm, bright and sunny conditions so the conservatory will be reminiscent of their native environment. This trio will sit pretty on a shelf.

String of pearls

This plant enjoys soaking up bright light so will thrive in the conservatory. Its trailing stems may look high maintenance but this is a super easy plant to care for.


Aloe vera

The Aloe Vera is a fantastic all-rounder – it is perfect for beginners and has little care needs. Too little bright light can cause the plant to go dormant, hence why the conservatory is a good spot for it.



The Monstera is always a popular plant and will be happy in the conservatory, just make sure it can access some shade. Mist it regularly to keep its humidity up.