5 tips for starting a terrarium

5 tips for starting a terrarium

Bring nature indoors and get creative with a terrarium.

They’re perfect for plant newbies and can be completely tailored to suit your own tastes. Here’s five ways to get the best out of yours.  

Upcycle a container

Of course, a glass container is an obvious starting point for a terrarium, but don’t be afraid to mix it up and think outside the box with what you use to home your terrarium within. You could use an old jars, coffee pots, or an empty vase for a few examples.

Experiment with textures

Whether it’s cacti, or leafier plants, don’t be afraid to mix and match the contents of your terrarium. Adding pebbles at the bottom of the jar not only forms a great base layer and encourages drainage, but adds a further element of texture, too.

Decide if it’s open or closed

This will impact the conditions inside the terrarium, and therefore the plants suited to living there. An open terrarium provides the plants access to fresh air which is ideal for cacti and succulents. By contrast, a closed terrarium is better for plants which love humidity, such as ferns and ivy.

Contrast with heights

Make the most of taller and shorter plants to create additional interest. Having greenery at different levels, along with mounds in the soil will bring another element to your terrarium and ensures a spectacular display at all angles.

Complete with decorations

Don’t forget to decorate your terrarium to really make it your own. Of course, your plants will be the star of the show, but you could add anything from small figurines to shells, to cake toppers and crystals to add your own stamp and personality to it.