5 ways to be kind to the Earth

5 ways to be kind to the Earth

To celebrate Earth Day, here’s five easy ways to do your bit to look after the planet. 

1) Grow your own

Of course, we love growing plants at Beards & Daisies, so why not extend this to growing your own fruit and veg, too? This is not only very rewarding, but cuts down on food miles, as well as trips to shops to buy them, saving energy in the process.  

2) Upcycle, don’t throw

Upcycling has really gone mainstream in recent years, and you’d be amazed at the endless sources of inspiration you can find to repurpose things, instead of throwing them out. From old fashion items to furniture – get creative before mindlessly chucking.

3) Do a beach clean

Plastic waste has sadly become a mainstay on our coastlines, with rubbish not only making our beaches look untidy, but harming our wildlife, too. Show love for your local area by grabbing a bag, donning a pair of gloves and picking up as much litter as you can. We guarantee you’ll feel happier for having done so.

4) Try a vegan diet

We love plants in our homes, but also love eating plant-based foods. A vegan diet is said to be the ‘single biggest way’ to reduce your environmental impact on Earth, according to researchers at the University of Oxford.

5) Walk more

Not only does this give you a chance to get outside in nature and admire all its beauty, but you’ll be helping to reduce CO2 emissions caused by driving.