5 ways to spring clean your plants

5 ways to spring clean your plants

Freshen up your green friends for the new season with these easy hacks.

1. Time for a trim

Houseplants will usually need be pruned at the beginning of the growing season, which is late winter or early spring. By cutting away dead leaves and stems, this encourages new growth in time for summer when plants are most active.

2. Done and dusted

The waxy texture of some leafy plants can be prone to attracting dust. Gently remove this with a damp cloth – it will also help them to breathe better as they can absorb more light when their pores (stomata) aren’t blocked.

3. Repot and refresh

Spring is a great time to repot your plants so that growing roots will have enough time to settle. Repotting not only gives your plant more room to grow within its bigger home, but also fresh nutrients from the newly laid soil.

4. In the mood for food

Again, in preparation for growing season, give your plant a helping hand by providing them with some extra nutrients in the form of plant food. There are many solutions that you can mix into water when giving them a drink – easy!

5. Reorganise and regroup

If you assemble your botanical beauties together as a group, consider swapping around their usual formation and move those who appreciated the winter sun further away from the light source, so that the stronger sunlight of springtime doesn’t scorch their leaves.