the chelsea flower diaries - part one

the chelsea flower diaries - part one

welcome to the first instalment of our chelsea flower show diaries, where we'll be properly introducing you to our design concept for our houseplant studio.

With just under two weeks to go now until the doors open to our houseplant studio at the Chelsea Flower Show, we're super excited to share with you a little more info on our concept and how we got our design to where it is today.

We'll take you way back to Autumn last year, when the Beards & Daisies team initially sat down for a huge collaboration session. The team all brought their own ideas and we spent some time padding them out, seeing which idea stuck with us the most, until there was one idea in particular which had us all very excited...

beards & daisies - chelsea flower show brainstorm session

introducing - Plant School by Beards & Daisies

The idea of creating a school dedicated entirely to all things green just filled us with absolute joy! Who wouldn't want to attend a school just like that?! But our school is on a very important mission, which we'll share with you very soon...

In the mean time, enjoy a few behind the scenes photos of the crazy but exciting journey that has been preparing for the Chelsea Flower Show.

CFS Diaries - Mocking up desk spaces
chelsea flower show diaries - sourcing vintage props

Stay tuned for our next instalment, where we'll be sharing more details on our school's mission and the inspiration behind our concept. Want to go behind the scenes? Stay tuned to our Instagram stories here where we'll be sharing snippets as we get ready to open the doors to our studio.