decorate with plants this christmas

decorate with plants this christmas

No tree? No problem!

Get festive with greenery instead – houseplants, whether seasonal favourites or the classics you already have adorned with tinsel and decorations, can add that joyful touch to your home. So, get ready to rock around the tree (or plant of choice) with some of our favourites.

Christmas Cactus

Festive, floral and full of colour - who can resist the charming Christmas Cactus? They'll arrive in bloom with bright, trumpet-shaped flowers in shades of pink or white. This plant is said to symbolise answered prayers, as legend has it a little boy prayed to the heavens for a sign of Christmas. Then one day, he awoke to find himself surrounded by the flowers on the tips of these cacti. Whilst we’re not promising miracles, we are sure that this plant will add some fun and colour to your home this festive season.


Who said all plants have a dormant period during winter? The Hellebore will bloom from November until February, lighting up those dark days and bringing joy to your home with its star-shaped flowers. For this reason, it makes a great festive houseplant to enjoy around the Christmas season – hence its common name, Christmas Rose. The charming flowers will provide an uplifting and charming way to spruce up your interiors this festive season.


Christmas is a great time to embrace colour – and that’s exactly what you can expect with the Cyclamen. With tall, pink blooms and marbled, heart-shaped leaves, it will perk up your home during the festive period with ease. Expect to see this plant bloom for around six weeks. After this plant has finished flowering in winter, it will go into a dormant state in the warmer months – but don't panic, it isn't dead, it's just resting until it blooms again!

ZZ Plant

A classic plant, you probably already have within your collection – and also one that is keen to get involved with the festivities! Adorn its tough leaves with baubles to make it look suitably merry and bright for Christmas. Its deep green colouring is effortlessly festive, too.

Swiss Cheese Plant

Could these be the most famous leaves on a houseplant? The Swiss Cheese Plant is best known for it's big, holey leaves, and you can really accentuate these for the Christmas period by gently and carefully wrapping fairy lights around them. The perfect amount of sparkle and at minimal effort!