growing well with jo lambell: plant hacks you need to know

growing well with jo lambell: plant hacks you need to know

being a plant parent can sometimes be tricky, which is why our founder shares three genius plant tips to help your green family thrive. 

The ice cube hack

Introducing the ice cube trick – perfect for those who are prone to plant neglect or simply too busy living life to remember to water their plants on a regular basis. Position a few ice cubes on your plant’s soil surface – just make sure you keep them away from the leaves. The ice will slowly melt, allowing the soil and plant to hydrate over time. Clever! Use this hack on plants that require little water – aim for one ice cube a week – and you’re sorted!

The chopstick hack

Yes, besides from being a utensil, the humble chopstick can actually help you decipher when your plant needs watering. Here’s how….

Insert a chopstick into the soil. If it comes out with bits of soil attached to it, it is feeling hydrated. If it comes out with bare, it’s time to water! It’s similar to sticking a folk into a cake when you’re trying to figure out if it’s finished baking. Grab a watering can you carefully hydrate your plant if no soil clings to the chopstick. Et voila!

The sponge hack

Don't write your sponge off as one-trick pony that only has its uses when it comes to washing up! The next time you repot your plant, position a sponge in bottom beneath the soil. Here, it will absorb any excess water and works as a little reservoir, hydrating your plant's roots. Another great hack if you're always forgetting about watering your thirsty plants!

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