head back to the office with plants

head back to the office with plants

September is here! To help you settle back into a routine and to support your wellbeing, here’s some of the impressive benefits plants can have within your workspace. 

They relieve stress 

If deadlines and meetings are stressing you out, plants make the perfect antidote. Studies have shown that having greenery surrounding your desk can reduce feelings of tension by almost 40 per cent. This is because they remind us of the beauty of Mother Nature, therefore having a calming and grounding effect.

They increase productivity 

Procrastination and the mid-afternoon energy slump can get to us all, but plants can help get you back on track. Research reveals that employees are 15 per cent more productive when working in a green office and attentiveness is increased by 70 per cent when plants are present in a room.

They boost creativity 

Time to feel inspired! The colour green is said to be a signal of growth and can get our creative juices flowing. In a study, German researchers asked participants to glance at a variety of different colours before completing a creative task. The results concluded that green boosted their performance more than other shades.

They purify the air 

Some plants have the ability to clean the air, removing toxins such as benzene, formaldehyde and ammonia, that are commonly found inside offices. These chemicals can cause headaches and eye irritation, which are typical symptoms associated with sick building syndrome (SBS), experienced by many employees around the world.

They absorb background noise 

Ever find there’s too much office chatter and background noise distracting you from your work? Plants are known to absorb sounds, so whilst we’re not saying they will provide your workspace with total silence, they will help to keep distracting noises to a minimum.

Refresh your workspace with some of our favourite office plants.

ZZ Plant 

Dracaena Marginata 

Kentia Palm 

Dieffenbachia Camilla

Hanging Philodendron 

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