5 houseplants for mid century interiors

5 houseplants for mid century interiors

Marrying function with minimal fuss, mid-century style interiors look gorgeous no matter your space. With clean smooth lines, it's the perfect backdrop for luscious greenery. Opt for wooden, metal or glass furnishings, and as for colour, choose neutrals such as black, white and nudes. Of course, there’s always a place for houseplants whatever your interior style, so allow us to recommend five types of greenery for this home trend.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Big leaves, big growth and little effort! The Fiddle-Leaf Fig is an evergreen tree with fiddle-shaped leaves that can grow up to 15 metres in the wild. However, don't worry about it taking over your home, as they don't grow as tall inside. Its tall size and structure nods to mid-century style with ease.

Snake Plant

If ever there was a plant to replicate the stylistic feature of clean lines, it’s the Snake Plant. Their long leaves and waxy texture tick all the boxes of mid century home. Plus, they’re super easy to care for and fantastic air purifiers, too.

Kentia Palm

The Kentia Palm is the plant world's BFG (big friendly giant) – larger than life and highly adaptable, as it will still thrive in low light conditions. Its big size and palm like appearance fits the aesthetic perfectly. Queen Victoria loved these plants and had them in all of her homes. If it's good enough for royalty...

Dracaena Fragrans Steudneri

This variety of Dragon Tree originated in the tropics of Africa where it is often used as a decorative outdoor plant. It is fantastic for air purifying, making it ideal for the your bedroom or office. As this is a solid green variety of Dracaena, it can cope with partial shade and is a very low maintenance houseplant.

Monstera Deliciosa

The Monstera Deliciosa, also known as the Swiss Cheese Plant, is a playful addition to a mid-century home thanks to its holey leaves. Place nearby (but not directly into front of) a large window bay so it can make the most of natural light that comes in through a front room.