how to care for your houseplants in the summer

how to care for your houseplants in the summer

The new season brings warmer temperatures and more daylight (yay!), but these changes can stress your plant out, so don’t forget to update their care routine. Here’s how to help your greenery thrive during summer.

Increase their water

Some plants go through a dormant period in winter, where they require less water. Naturally, in summer they come out of this and enter growing season where your plant should hopefully be flourishing and even flowering. If the leaves of your plant are wilting or curling, this could be a sign they are thirsty.

Keep them away from the air con

In the same way tropical plants dislike the dry heat generated by radiators or central heating vents, air con units blowing out cool air can have a similar detrimental effect on plant health. Position your plant out of the way of these drafts to keep them healthy throughout summer.  

Rotate them regularly

Whilst we can’t predict the Great British weather, we’d hope that we’ll see a lot more sun during this time of year. It’s important to make sure sunlight gets distributed evenly among your plants so turn them weekly so they can gain equal exposure.

Take them outside

Treat your greenery to a little holiday of their own by letting them sit outside during summer. Spider plants, yuccas, and scheffleras all enjoy soaking up the sunlight and warmer temperatures – just make sure they have access to some shade too so their leaves do not become scorched or burnt.

Top up their humidity

Plants that like high humidity (especially the tropical types such as calatheas and ferns) should be misted frequently through periods of summer heat. You can also group your plants together as they will trap air and moisture between them, boosting humidity in the process.