how to get the best from your dried bouquet

how to get the best from your dried bouquet

Keep your dried bouquet blooming with these simple care tips.

Enjoy that new flower feeling for much longer, with one of our beautiful dried bouquets. Their blooms can last for at least a year, lifting your mood and lighting up any room they are placed in. Follow our top tips to keep them looking their best.

Avoid humidity

Dried flowers and moisture are two things that should not mix. If placed in a room with high humidity, such as a bathroom, this can cause them to brown and limp. In fact, too much moisture will cause their stems to weep so don’t be tempted to water them ever! Position them in a bedroom or living room, and keep them warm and dry for optimal conditions.

Position away from direct sunlight

Dried flowers aren’t big sun worshippers – too much light will cause their blooms to fade. They will be happiest positioned away from direct sun or windows as this source of light will be too strong for them.

Keep them dust-free

Dried flowers can get dusty, but don’t worry as you can easily remove any dirt from their blooms without damaging them. Either gently run a feather duster over them, or use a hairdryer to blow the dust off them. Just make sure it’s on a cold setting and low speed.

Stick to one spot

Dried flowers can be delicate, so they won’t appreciate being moved or knocked. Position somewhere safe and secure where you won’t brush past them and accidently damage them. A bedside table, shelf or coffee table are all great places to keep your dried bouquet.

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Dawn Blaze

For a long-lasting gift, treat someone (or yourself) to this show-stopping dried bouquet full of rich, autumnal hues and textures. This warm bunch includes Plume, Achillea, Protea and Spray Rose.

Wild Honey

If you're looking for an elegant and timeless dried bouquet, you'll love the natural textures and tones of Wild Honey. Enjoy its calming ambience for at least a year. This gorgeous bunch includes Ruscus, Plume, Protea and Papaver.

First Blush

Fall in love with First Blush. Its charming pink blooms and fluffy plumes will bring a touch of glamour to any home. This luxury bunch includes Palm spear bordeaux, Ruscus, Eucalyptus, Helichrysum.