How to look after your plants when you're heading home for the holidays

How to look after your plants when you're heading home for the holidays

Worried about leaving your plants behind when you head home for Christmas? Don't be. Our care advice will make sure they are thriving in your absence.

As much as we’d love to take our plants with us to celebrate Christmas, we don’t know how much room we’ll have for them in the car, let alone getting them a seat the train. Besides, we doubt they’d like that very much anyway (we all know the Weeping Fig isn’t partial to change at the best of times!), so how can you look after them when you’re not there? Time for a pre-Christmas spruce up!

1. Give them a drink

Tis the season to be jolly, but not that kind of drink! You’ll want to make sure they stay hydrated whilst you’re away so give them a good watering. Plants tend not to require as much watering during winter anyway, so this will work in your favour. Just ensure their soil is moist before you go.

2. Put them in your bath

This might sound ridiculous, but hear us out! If you have plants that need lots of humidity, then consider soaking some old towels and newspapers in water, placing in the bath, then put your plants on top. Et voila – moisture and humidity for your green friends.

3. Get a neighbour round

Everybody needs good neighbours, including your plants! If your plant family requires a little more care, ask a neighbour you trust to pop round and tend to their needs. You’d do the same for your pet after all.  

4. Give them a haircut

Cut away any dead leaves as this encourages them to grow new ones and keeps them looking and feeling healthy.

5. Group them together

Putting your plants together creates a pack like mentality, helping them to thrive. Also, plants in close proximity of each other will generate humidity, again giving them that moisture they crave.