how to repot your plant in 5 easy steps

how to repot your plant in 5 easy steps

We’re currently midway through growing season, which is the perfect time to repot your plants. Here’s five easy steps to ensure the process goes smoothly – we promise it’s not as tricky you think!

1. Size up sensibly

Choose a new pot that is around 3-5cm larger than your plant’s current. Try not to go beyond two pot sizes bigger – anything larger than this can overwhelm the plant with soil and water it doesn’t need.

2. Remove carefully

Ease your plant out of its current pot by turning it upside down or at a slight angle. Rotate the plant to loosen it and eventually slide it out. If this doesn’t work, lightly tap the bottom of the pot to help the process along. Gently does it!

3. Reorganise the roots

Before repotting your plant, take a closer look as its roots. Prune any older roots and carefully untangle them so they grow outwards, by doing so, your plant will know it has extra room to spread out in its new container.

4. Freshen up the soil

Repotting is not only about a bigger pot, it’s also a chance to pack in a layer of new soil, and consequently fresh nutrients, for your plant to enjoy. Set the plant in the new soil, ensuring it can stand upright on its own.

5. Water thoroughly

To finish the process of repotting, water your plant generously. It’s essential that any excess water can drain to the bottom of the pot and escape once your plant has been hydrated. And there you have it, repotting: a success!