How to show love in lockdown this Valentine’s Day

How to show love in lockdown this Valentine’s Day

Who says you can’t have a romantic day from home?

Whilst lockdown might be forcing us to stay put, there are still an abundance of heartfelt gestures you can do to mark the occasion, whether you’re single, taken for, apart from your significant other or having a Galentine’s celebration, we’ve got something for everyone.

Have a cocktail night

The bars might be shut, but that’s no problem. Grab some of your favourite alcohol on your weekly supermarket trip and experiment with fruits, ice and garnishes. Perhaps you could recreate some of your favourite cocktails that remind you of past date nights, or try to make something new. You could even turn it into a competition and see who is the best mixologist. This activity is so versatile as well, so no matter your relationship status or whether you live with housemates or alone you can take part virtually and compare your bevvies.

Spa day at home

Whilst spas will probably be one of the last places to reopen following lockdown restrictions, there’s no reason why you can’t have a relaxing pamper session from the comfort of your own home. Run a hot bubble bath and pour in all the Epsom salts and bath fizzers – this is a special occasion after all –light some candles, before getting in and relaxing. Grab some of your favourite body oil and treat each other to a massage. Slather on face masks together and laugh at how silly you both look whilst the skin-loving ingredients work their magic. And if you’re single, an at-home spa evening is the ultimate way to show love to yourself! Feel good and look good purely for yours truly.  

Write a love letter          

Snail mail is a vastly underrated art, but such an easy and cheap way to show someone you care (all you need to pay for is a postal stamp!) Whether you want to send a note of love to a friend you haven’t seen in months, your partner who you don’t live with or even a family member who you cannot wait to hug once all this is over – put pen to paper and write a note expressing how much you love and miss this person. We guarantee this simple gesture will make their day, no matter how far apart you may currently be.

Visit the past and plan for the future

Want to earn yourself some couple brownie points? Listen up. The past year has had us all reminiscing on the trips, holidays and freedom we enjoyed when there was no travel restrictions, but this needn’t be twinged with sadness. Instead, set up a selection of photos from all the places you have visited and experiences you have shared together. From first holidays, to summers, to Christmases, bank holiday weekends and everything in between. It make you realise just how much you have been through as a couple. Then, create a bucket list of all the things you still want to do together once lockdown is over. This could be visiting a country neither of you have been to yet or simply getting round to finally eating at that new restaurant. Remember, we still have so much to look forward to!

Have a virtual Netflix date

If you’re longing for your usual Netflix and Chill nights with your significant other, but lockdown means you cannot physically be with them, this one’s for you. Thanks to Netflix Party you can still mark V Day by watching your favourite film or series together. You’ll both need to have Netflix accounts, then visit on Google Chrome, select the free option and et voila! Synchronised watching and you can even talk to each other via the chatroom function, too. It’s pretty much like being in the same room as each other, except this time you don’t have to battle for your side of the duvet.