how to style a mediterranean garden

how to style a mediterranean garden

Even if flying abroad is out of the question this year, we can still bring a touch of the Med and all things holiday to our back garden with these styling tips.

Add shade with a pergola

Pergolas offer shelter from the midday heat. If you have the space, a pergola draped in climbing plants makes for a real beautiful display, as well as serving a useful purpose. Smaller gardens can still create this look by opting for an archway.

Experiment with topiary

Topiary, the art of clipping shrubs and trees into ornamental shapes, is a common theme in Mediterranean gardens. If you don’t fancy trimming trees yourself, our Buxus Bundle  consists of a pre-cut ball, pyramid and tree shaped plants, so all you do is unpack and position in your outdoor space.

Choose citrus plants

Scent can often be overlooked and forgotten, but it really helps to contribute to the ambience of this type of garden. Citrus scents will make you feel as though you’re in sunny and exotic locations – so consider adding Lemon Trees  to your outdoor space for some fresh fragrance.

Create a seated area

Alfresco dining is synonymous with Mediterranean culture. Whilst we can’t promise the sun will be shining, make sure you have a table, chairs and umbrella ready for your garden so you can enjoy eating outside when the weather permits.

Use materials and colour

Texture and colour are another important element to experiment with to create an authentic Mediterranean garden look. Think stone walls, gravel, and terracotta and peachy toned pots for different ways of achieving this garden style.