How to update your home for spring

How to update your home for spring

Shake off the winter blues and freshen up your home with touches of the spring time.

The arrival of spring is always welcomed – daffodils can be seen sprouting up, daylight lasts that little bit longer as the weeks roll by and nature resets and refreshes itself for the warmer weather. Many of us associate the time of year with fresh starts, and like to do a little spring cleaning as well. If you want to inject some seasonal updates into your home, here are some quick and easy hacks to try today.

Get colourful

Nothing says spring quite like a palette of pretty pastel shades – think mint greens, peachy pinks, lilacs and soft yellows to help lift your home and breathe light into it. We’re not suggesting you repaint every single wall in your home, but adding a few coloured accessories from cushions to artwork will make all the difference. You could even treat your plants to new pastel coloured pots to coordinate in with your fresh colour scheme as you repot them in time for growing season.

Make use of house plants

As the Plant Folk, we’d recommend having greenery in your home for all seasons, but there’s something about flowering types that have a touch of spring to them. Orchids, Peace Lilies and Bromeliads are a few examples that produce beautiful blooms and will easily incorporate a lighter touch to your interiors.

Update your fabrics

Swap out any thick and furry throws you’ve sought comfort in whilst sat on the sofa for many a cosy winter night, and replace with lighter textiles. Choose linen or cotton which is much more spring appropriate, whilst still providing you with warmth on a summer’s evening. The same goes for your bedding, too. You’ll want a duvet with a tog rating (the degree to which the duvet retains heat) of 1-5 for summer seasons to prevent you from overheating in the night. Finally, consider the textiles of your homewares, too. Rattan and wicker furniture are much more spring appropriate as opposed to velvets and fleeces.

Select new scents

For us, candles are an all-year round home essential, rather than to be limited to just the winter, all you need do is select a more spring appropriate scent. Choose fresh and uplifting, floral or citrus smells to help fill your home with that spring time ambience. Don’t just stop at candles either – diffusers and flowers are another way of subtly updating the scents in your home.

Let there be light

You know summer is well and truly on the way as the clocks go forward an hour, meaning no more being plunged into darkness at 4pm! There are many ways to make the most of this natural light that will have a positive effect on a room. For one, adding mirrors to a room will help spread out whatever natural light has already made its way in, making a space appear brighter. Also, angling your furniture towards the light so that it reflects off of it will also create the illusion of more space – and at no extra cost to you.