Listen up: 5 of the best plant podcasts

Listen up: 5 of the best plant podcasts

Plug your headphones in, it’s time to give your audio a green makeover.

Plants and podcast make for a dreamy pairing if you ask us! So whether you’ve recently immersed yourself into the world of all things green, or have been a proud plant parent for years, there is plenty to listen to. You could even say, our love for podcasts is growing as quickly as our Rubber Plant is - get it?! Here’s some of our favourites.

Bloom and Grow Radio 

Host of the podcast, Bloom and Grow Radio, Maria Failla, is a self-confessed former plant killer turned plant lady – so any newbies you know you’re in safe hands to take her advice and become a little more green fingered! Bloom and Grow Radio is a go-to listen for general plant advice, featuring interviews with experts and answers to your most commonly-answered questions. In fact, no question is considered ‘silly’ and we love the community that follow this podcast as everyone is keen to share their plant highs and lows, and learn together.

In Defence of Plants 

If you’re looking to expand from indoor to outdoor plants, host Matt Candeias offers more of a scientific approach to the botanical world. His podcast offers an in-depth narrative of the environmental ecology of the planet and views plants as more than just pretty decoration but how they are charismatic life forms. This a great way to learn more about nature and how plants contribute to the world around us. He even has a new book out this month (February) if you’re keen for more of his content.

The Dirt 

If you have mastered plant parenthood, why not challenge yourself to get out in the garden by attempting to grow some fruit and veg? The Dirt podcast, put together by our friends at Grow Your Own magazine celebrates the failures on allotment life as much as the successes, as well as offering handy hints and tricks along the way. Episodes are between 30 minutes to an hour in the length so make the perfect listening while you’re getting up and ready or when cooking dinner. Often they are joined by guests and experts to give you a real insight into the wonderful world of allotments. And, with lockdown forcing many of us to slow down and adjust our lifestyles, we going to back to basics and growing your own fruit and veg could be a rewarding hobby to boost your mood.

On The Ledge 

Jane Perrone is our kind of woman. Her personality and down-to-Earth nature absolutely shines through on her helpful podcast. She has been growing houseplants since her childhood and has a background as a journalist – in fact, 2008 Jane was the gardening editor at The Guardian, so you can be sure that she knows her stuff when it comes to plants. The On The Ledge podcast has been going for four years now, and is still going strong – Jane covers all topics from offering tips on handling demanding and high-maintenance plants, to debating the issue of selling rare and endangered cacti. You will never get bored of this one!

Plant Daddy 

Matthew and Stephen are two plant pals from Seattle, podcasting their passion for cultivating plants, alongside bringing on guests to talk gardening, botany and horticulture. As well as all things green, they also discuss pop culture, LGBTQ+ content, current events, and their own personal stories – so this makes for a great all-rounder.