my life in flowers: Claire Sankey

my life in flowers: Claire Sankey

Meet our floral designer whose eye for detail and love for colour is the inspiration behind every bunch at B&D HQ. Here, we chat to her about her passion for flowers.


Tell us a bit about yourself…

I’m obsessed with colour and not afraid to experiment with unusual colour palettes, this is not only reflected in my floral designs but my home interior and clothing choices!

What sparked your love affair with flowers?

Whilst planning my wedding, my love affair began - for the first time I appreciated the way flowers had such an impact on completely changing the atmosphere within a room.

What’s the first flower you loved?
Lily of the Valley, the scent is something that just can’t be replicated.

And your absolute favourite flower now?
Dahlias, they come in such an array of colours and sizes. They make me smile.

How would you describe your flower style?
I’ve always been known for my use of texture. My aesthetic is relaxed, with little unexpected moments of ‘wow!’.

What’s your flower mantra?
Experiment! Smetimes the most beautiful design can be created by accident.

What bouquet would you gift to a loved one and why?
Sunday Sorbet
, the subtle tones of lilac with the pops of yellow are such a cheerful combination.

Can you give us one top tip for keeping flowers looking their best?
Regularly replenish your vase with clean water, they will last so much longer!

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