My Life In Plants: Kate Chilver

My Life In Plants: Kate Chilver

If you’re looking for some plant and interiors inspiration, look no further than Tribe and Us. We catch up with Kate to talk about all things green.

Fellow plant parents will be no stranger to Kate Chilver's Instagram feed. Known as @tribeandus, her photos make for one aesthetically-pleasing grid, with a jungle of greenery against the blank canvas of a white wall. It's a simple formula, but one that works - and every time we visit her page, we're almost always guaranteed to add a new plant to our wish list. Here's what she had to say when we caught up with her for a chat. 

What sparked your passion for plants?

I have always loved plants, cacti mostly, since I was young — we used to visit garden centres and mum would let me choose a cactus for my collection. My mum loved plants too, and had a vast Boston fern at the top of the stairs and a mother-in-law’s tongue towering over the TV in the front room.

What’s the first plant you loved?

A small cactus — the tacky ones with the fake dried flower glued on top and the desert painted pot. I was only young, so they appealed to me.

And what’s your absolute favourite plant now?

I do not know how I would ever choose! But, if I had to, it would be my two giant euphorbia ingens cacti — they have been with me for a long time and are easy to care for, they are quick growers and always surprise me when they bloom white or yellow buds.

How would you describe your plant and interiors style?

A mixture of boho, mid-century modern, and urban modern — ha, I think that covers everything!

What’s your plant mantra?

Grow strong.

What’s next on your wishlist?

Eulychnia castanea spiralis.

What is your number one plant tip?

Light or water — if your plant is showing no signs of growth, or showing signs of distress, it’s for one of those two reasons.

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