My Life In Plants: Zanna van Dijk

My Life In Plants: Zanna van Dijk

We're so excited to announce our collaboration with Zanna van Dijk, and here you can get to know her a little better, as we chat all things plants. 

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am Zanna, a 28-year-old content creator and the co-founder of Stay Wild – a sustainable fashion brand. I am passionate about hiking, the outdoors and being a plant parent. My home is adorned with numerous leafy pals and I am addicted to expanding my collection!

What sparked your love affair with plants?

A friend of mine (shoutout to Naomi!) bought me my first plant a few years back for my birthday. After maybe a few months of watching it grow and flourish in my home office, I decided to invest in a few more – and here I am, years later with over 30 plants from tiny succulents through to 8 foot monsteras.

What’s the first plant you loved?

I think my first ever BIG plant, a kentia palm. I had never had such a large house plant and I loved how he really added a tropical feel to a room. That was when I discovered that plants can transform your interiors.

And your absolute favourite plant now?

I have two! Firstly, Charlie my monstera. I am a pretty tall gal at 6ft2 so having a plant which is even larger than me is quite a feat, hence I adore him. He is over 8ft and dominates our kitchen, he throws out new leaves on the regular. My second favourite is Stacey, the string of hearts. I've had her for a few years now and she is seriously long! I love seeing the fresh growth appear on her tiny little strands.

How would you describe your plant/ interior style?

The key word I always use for the interior of our home is ‘earthy’ and also I could probably throw in ‘natural’. There's lots of soft tones, reclaimed wood, wicker baskets and antiques. Luckily, houseplants fit in seamlessly with our home, so we have shelves and cupboards adorned with lots of them! There is no style or typical type when it comes to our houseplants, we just go for what we fancy and what works with the light conditions of the room.

What’s your plant mantra?

Routine is key. My plant care routine shifts with the seasons, but I always enjoy popping on a podcast and working my way around the house with my mister, dust cloth and watering can. It's such a calming task!

What's next on your wishlist?

A bird of paradise! I would absolutely love a large one, but right now we don't have a place for one to live in the house. I need to wait until we decorate more rooms (we are currently renovating!). Then I can find a spot for one!

Can you give us one top plant tip?

If anything, water less than you think and mist more.

Shop the Beards & Daisies x Zanna van Dijk range here. For more from Zanna, find her on social media here, or visit her website.