One Plant, Three Ways: Monstera

One Plant, Three Ways: Monstera

We’ve always said this, but plants are great multi-taskers.

Not only do they look good, but they do good, too. Mood boosting? Check. Air purifying? Check. Calming? Check. And even when placed in your home, they’re not just limited to one way of styling. Let us show just how versatile plants can be with three different ways of presenting them – and what better plant to start than with one of favourites – the Monstera. Often referred to as the Swiss Cheese Plant due to its holey leaves, this is a popular choice for many plant parents as it’s very easy to care for. Plus, who can resist the beautiful botanical vibes it gives out?

1 - The climbing show stopper for your lounge

If you’re looking to create a jungle vibe in your home, go for the climbing Monstera Minima on a moss pole and watch as it quickly sprouts upwards. It will need to be homed somewhere where it has access to plenty of bright, indirect light so that it can grow to the best of its ability. It will also need a lot of space, so an ideal spot in your home is a conservatory or as a centre piece in your living room. Expect to repot this plant every one to two years throughout growing season and move up one pot size each time. We told you it was a quick-grower! This plant is a real attention-grabber and eye-catching all on its own, so allow it to do all the talking and keep the pot simple and sleek.

2 – The deskside companion for your office

As many of us continue to work from home, This Monstera in a small size will make for a much-needed colleague substitute. Standing at around 50cm in height, this plant is compact enough to sit on your desk and motivate you throughout the working day. House in a brightly coloured pot, too to keep you feeling positive and upbeat. When you’re in need of a break (or procrastinating!), give this plant a mist with lukewarm water to keep its humidity levels high.

3 – The botanical buddy for your bathroom

The Monstera Deliciosa is native to the tropical rainforests of Southern Mexico and Panama, which means it loves humid conditions. With this in mind, home it within your bathroom. Not only does this mean its needs for a warm and steamy environment are being satisfied, but the bathroom is also a great alternate location for tropical plants – especially if you’ve run out of space in the rest of your home! Opt for the medium size plant which is big impact enough to make an impact, but not too large that it takes over. We’d recommend placing within a sleek and minimal lightweight pot that easily coordinates with your bathroom furniture and can be easily moved if need be.