The best botanical skincare brands

The best botanical skincare brands

Be kind to your complexion with these nature-inspired skincare products.

Think plants are just for making your home a bit greener? Think again. It goes without saying that we’re obsessed plants here at Beards & Daisies – so, of course, we’re keen to incorporate them into all areas of our life – and that extends to our bathroom shelves, too. Plants are wellbeing powerhouses which is why we’ve added them to our skincare routine. Interestingly, our skin absorbs 60 per cent of anything we apply to it, so we want to make sure we’re using only nourishing and natural ingredients, as opposed to potentially harsh and man-made chemicals. Botanical skincare boasts antioxidant rich ingredients, vitamins, essential fats and acids that can combat a variety of skin aliments from acne to dryness. Here we have rounded up three of our favourite plant-based beauty brands worthy of a spot in your bathroom cabinet.


Botanicals’ products are proudly handmade in the UK, using natural and certified organic ingredients. Founder, Wendy Stirling, was prompted to start the brand after her daughter suffered a nasty skin reaction to a seemingly ‘natural’ shampoo. After extensive research, she found the work of the Soil Association and Botanicals became one of the first ever brands to be certified by them – and today remains one of only a few brands to be 100 per cent certified – so you can trust their credentials. They also have impressive eco-friendly values, too. We’ve long been fans of their Cleanse Melt – an indulgent balm that quite literally melts away make-up and dirt from your face.


If you're a new to the world of botanical and plant-based skincare, Pai is a great starting point. With glowing values that promise equally glowing skin, it’s hard to fault them, being accredited by The Vegan Society, the Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny programme, The Social Association and holding COSMOS Natural certification, too! Pai state on their website: “Our organic ingredients are the jewel in our crown and we don’t trust anyone else to touch them. We can say for certain that there’s good in everything we make, because the formulation is 100 per cent ours” – impressive! We really like how transparent they are with formulas as every single last ingredient is clearly displayed on their website. Their Rosehip Bioregenerate Facial Oil has a cult following, and we can vouch for the hype as it leaves our complexions glowing, whilst, of course, smelling like one of our all-time favourite plants.

Evolve Beauty 

Recognisable for their minimalistic packaging (that’s also made from fully recyclable materials if you’re after some eco points, too!), Evolve Beauty are another fantastic plant-based brand. Not only do they have a huge range of skincare products, but they also offer hair and body care so you can treat your body to the benefits of botanicals from head-to-toe. They make small batches of their products by hand in an artisan studio in Hertfordshire, which means that your skincare is as fresh as possible. We recommend trying their Radiant Glow Face Mask- not only does it smell like chocolate thanks to the raw cacao powder, but skin is left looking brand new!