the chelsea flower show diaries - part three

the chelsea flower show diaries - part three

did you hear? our debut at the Chelsea Flower Show Houseplant Studios won us a silver gilt medal!

It's been nearly a month now since we exhibited The Plant School at the Chelsea Flower Show, and we've still not come down from all of the buzz & excitement!

We're incredibly proud to share that we were awarded a Silver Gilt medal for our concept, awarded by the RHS panel of Judges. You better believe Team B&D celebrated hard!

The Plant School was incredibly well received from guests, fellow exhibitors, and journalists alike and we were delighted with all of the kind feedback we received. It's true what they say - plant lovers really are the loveliest humans!

We crammed just over 250 houseplants into our design, from small succulents, to towering tall plants. Many you'll recognise as some of our bestsellers, but we also featured some rare & unusual plants. The stars of our show were our gigantic hanging Fishbone Cactus, the weird but wonderful Air Plants and the pretty Pink Peace Lily - who doesn't love a pink plant?!

We had a fantastic time meeting plant lovers, horticulturists, loyal customers and even one or two celebrities - did somebody say Princess Kate?! 

If you want to get your hands on some of the plants featured, you can shop our brand new Plant Drop, where you'll find some of the more unusual plants loved by our Chelsea visitors.

For now Chelsea, we'll see you in 2024... maybe 😉