the chelsea flower show diaries - part two

the chelsea flower show diaries - part two

it's T-6 days until the show kicks off, so let's get you up to speed with what the plant folk team have been up to!

The days and weeks leading up to the Chelsea Flower Show seem to have been passing faster and faster, the closer we get! We can't believe that a week today we'll be standing in our completed studio, on Royal Visit day. The King himself may have even taken a peek by now - we know he's a passionate environmentalist & plant lover!

This week, we wanted to share with you the inspiration behind our design. Plant School is so much more than just a place to learn about plants and all things green. It's a Primary School inspired by both the past and the future. It's what we hope schools might add into the curriculum one day in the not so distant future!

Inspired by the incredible work of environmental activists including Plant School 'Headmaster' David Attenborough, and their 'Head Girl' Greta Thunberg, we've considered how an education around plants could be the key to helping sustain our future. 

You'll see our school takes note of some of the more sustainable ways things were done in the past - there are no computers in this classroom! - with nostalgic nods to the Primary Schools you'll remember from your own school days. Featuring a traditional blackboard, wooden desks, ladybird books, berol handwriting pens and so much more. Have we made you feel nostalgic yet?

But we've also considered how schools could operate in the future. From teaching about rewilding, propagation, recycling and growing your own fruit, veg and herbs in a vertical garden. 

We won't give too much more away, but if you are at the Chelsea Flower Show this year, we would love it if you came to say hello. We'll of course be sharing plenty of updates over on our Instagram stories, so please do follow along to see the finished design if you're unable to make it in person.

School desk filled with plants

Plant School Uniform

Our empty houseplant studio

Plants at our British growers