The plants set to be big in 2021

The plants set to be big in 2021

New year, new greenery – these are the plants you’re going to see a lot more of.

2020 was officially the year our love for houseplants became deeply rooted within our hearts. Besides from sitting pretty within our homes, our green friends certainly earn their keep – they purify the air, keep us calm, boost our mood and can even make us more productive – it’s no wonder we’re obsessed with them! So, as we head into the new year, what botanical beauties should you be adding to your collection? Our founder, Jo Lambell, is on hand to talk you through the plant trends.

“In 2020, so many people have found happiness in discovering their green fingers and have enjoyed how therapeutic it can be to watch plants grow,” Jo explains. “My predictions are based on us firstly spending more time at home and wanting to include more statement-led plants which will finish off any room. Also, as we seek to improve our air quality and rid our homes of toxins found in everyday products, which in turn, can help us sleep better, I foresee plants with air purifying abilities being immensely popular. And finally, plants which give a big return for your hard labour in the form or growing quickly or being easy to propagate, will also be a prevalent theme for next year.”

1. Bird of Paradise 

This tall plant packs a real statement with its tropical leaves – not only is it visually stunning, it’s air-purifying, too. Native to South Africa, this is a relatively low maintenance houseplant that offers a big impact.

2. Money Tree

Add this cute and compact plant to your desk, at home or in the office. It’s easy to care for and one of the longest-living pot plants around. Many businesses like to position their tree by the cash register for good luck. If money's not your motive, still reach for the stars, as in the wild, these trees have been known to grow up to 59 feet tall.

3. Philodendron Imperial Red

Brighten up with this colourful plant that looks way harder to care for than it actually is. It’s tolerant of shade so can sit virtually anywhere – dreamy! Thought you had a big family? There are around 500 different species of Philodendron. With origins in southern and central America, the Philodendron Imperial Red likes a humid environment, so treat it to a mist every now and then.

4. Prayer Plant

This beauty consistently sells out and we don’t see that changing this year! Its common name is a reference to the way the leaves fold together at night — like hands closed in prayer.

5. Beaucarnea Recurvata

Go big with this impressive plant which has striking, long leaves. It’s also very forgiving should you forget to water it, surviving weeks without a drink. It is native to Mexico, so is used to dry and barren landscapes, and has the ability to hold water within its trunk. Its long and floppy leaves, that grow from the top of the trunk, resemble a ponytail.