the plants you need to get through january

the plants you need to get through january

have a green start to 2022!

The new year is just days away now! So, let’s start it as we mean to go on – surrounded by luscious green plants! Whatever your intention, goal or dreams are for the next 365 days, we have the perfect plant to spur you on along the way.

spider plant

Growing our collection of houseplants is always on the agenda – and the Spider Plant is a great addition. It’s not only easy to grow, so ideal for beginners, but it can also produce small flowers that eventually turn into Spider Plant babies or Spiderettes!

aloe vera

Good health is something we should never take for granted – so if you’re prioritising your wellbeing in 2022, the Aloe Vera is the plant for you. The clear gel found inside its leaves, which contain 75 health-giving nutrients, are perfect for soothing insect bites, burns and sunburn.

chinese money plant 

If you’re saving for something big this year, you’ll want the Chinese Money Plant in your corner. It’s said that if you place a coin within the soil of this plant, it’ll start to manifest wealth. And they said money doesn't grow on trees?!

string of hearts

Looking for a new romantic partner this year? Or perhaps you’re working on self-love and showing up for yourself? Either way, the String of Hearts is a great reminder of all the love there is to be experienced this year with its heart-shaped foliage.