Upgrade your garden with our new range of outdoor plants

Upgrade your garden with our new range of outdoor plants
Huge news - our range of outdoor plants has arrived!
We’re so excited to announce the launch of our outdoor plant collection today. Whoever you are, wherever you live, we’re here to help you make the most of your outdoor space – from urban courtyards, balconies and windowsills, to lawns that go on as far as the eye can see, and everything in between – let’s get outside and upgrade our gardens. Allow us to introduce you to the range.
For those of us living in cities and urban settings, you can still bring a bit of greenery to your outdoor space. Here are three of our favourite potted plants that would look great on a patio.
When life gives you lemons, grow them for yourself with this delightful little Citrus Tree. This plant is the perfect way to freshen up your garden for the warmer months and inject some colour into your outdoor space. The fruits of your labour will indeed be rewarded with lemons, and also fragrant flowers which bloom from spring to autumn.
The Bay Tree is an incredibly popular and sought-after plant and we can see why! It looks effortlessly cool and understated with its tall structure and bushy head, adding some texture to your outdoor space. In case you weren’t sold already, this plant’s leaves have a fresh and pleasant aroma to them and can also be used in cooking in soups and stews.
You may recognise this plant from our indoor range, but the Sago Palm can give you the best of both worlds, looking equally as pretty outdoors, too. Native to southern Japan, despite being called a palm, this plant is actually a cycad, which is a group of plants so old that they predate even the dinosaurs, occasionally being named the ‘living fossil’.
And if you’re lucky enough to have a garden with a lawn and space for flowerbeds, let us inspire you with some of our favourite outdoor plants that can be planted straight into the ground.
A firm flowering favourite among many, the Hydrangea is known for its rounded, compact shape and ability to change colour. Its common name, Magical Revolution, is a reference to such as over time, from spring to autumn, you’ll witness the plant’s colouring deepen and change in accordance with its soil's pH levels! And this plant is not only a treat for your garden, but your home too, as its blooms can be used within both fresh and dried flower arrangements. Talk about a multi-tasker!
This evergreen shrub is a great low maintenance and easy growing plant that changes colour as it matures, with dark maroon leaves in its infancy and later turning green as it grows older. It has even been known to take on a metallic-like glow when positioned in the sun, too. Whilst it works well in flowerbeds, it can also be planted in patio pots.
The Phormium ticks many boxes – for one it’s low maintenance and hardy, even able to withstand the frost of a cold British winter and will grow all year round. It’s also loved for its sword-like leaves that are full of colour and interest. We have both red/yellow and yellow/green varieties so you can mix and match with the palette of your garden.