what are your plant’s leaves trying to tell you?

what are your plant’s leaves trying to tell you?

Not sure what’s upsetting your plant? Take a closer look at its foliage!

The appearance and condition of leaves are a great way to figure out what’s making your greenery unhappy. Here are some common signs of unhappy plants - and how to perk them up again!  

Brown tips

This is a common sign of a lack of humidity, and causes the leaves to curl and go crispy, too. Remedy this by ensuring your plant isn’t sat near any dry heat vents like radiators or drafts, and mist it regularly with lukewarm water.

Yellow leaves

There’s a high chance incorrect watering is the culprit of this issue! This could be either too much or too little. A good way to check if your plant needs water is to touch the top two inches of soil and if that feels damp or dry, will help you dictate as to whether your greenery needs hydrating.


Wilting can be caused by either incorrect watering or too much sunlight. You can fix the watering by referring back to the previous image. As for too much light, simply move away from a window so the sun’s rays do not upset your plant further and position where it can get indirect light.

Lower leaves dried and falling

If you’re noticing only the lower leaves of your plant struggling, this is usually because they are being hidden and not getting adequate light levels. Rotate your plant to ensure light is spread evenly, and you could also consider pruning the upper leaves, too.

Sudden leaf drop

Shock is the most common cause of leaf drop. Plants are sensitive souls, so if you suddenly change the conditions they’re used to (this can be anything from light to temperature) or if they’re adjusting to a new home – they can experience stress. Don’t panic however, this is only temporary, and eventually, once your plant has adjusted to the new environment, it’ll return to good health.

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