Plants you can’t kill

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We are here to prove that plant parenthood can be a walk in the park (or garden). Our carefully curated selection of Unkillables don’t mind a little unintentional neglect, so they’re perfect for beginners - they really are pretty much unkillable. Plus, our Plant Folk are always on hand to offer friendly advice so you have nothing to fear. 

Prayer Plant


Parlour Palm


Kentia Palm


Snake Plant



hard feelings

Whether you’re new to plant parenthood or a seasoned pro, most of us have experienced a plant casualty at some point.

But there’s no need to let a previous fatality put you off trying again. No matter if you’re strapped for time or heading off on your holiday, our Unkillables don't mind a bit of neglect - intentional or not. So, you can rest assured that there will be no more sinking feelings, just healthy hardy plants.

Love love love...

All plants I’ve bought from here have been extremely healthy and continued to be (despite my non-green fingers). Packaged perfectly to keep safe.


Amazing quality of plants!

Excellent service, plants and plant pots arrived very quickly. The quality of the plants is amazing, far better than any you would see in the garden centre.

Mrs C

All round impressive!

The plants were really good quality, full and healthy. Delivery was so quick and packaging fab. Customer service with any questions, excellent. Love this Company.


ZZ Plant




Fishbone Cactus


Devil's Ivy


Aloe Vera


Tall Kentia Palm



artificial plants


dried flowers