5 palm plants to grow inside this summer

5 palm plants to grow inside this summer

Add a touch of the tropics to your home with these palm plants.

There’s something about palm plants that transport us to tropical climates and remind us of holidays to exotic locations – even if we’re going no further than our front room this summer! Transform your home with these beachy beauties.

Coconut Palm

Make a summer statement with the Coconut Palm – a tall plant with green foliage shooting from a coconut shell. It's a member of the Arecaceae palm tree family and can be found growing naturally along tropical coastlines in full sun. Although it’s a little needy, we think it's definitely worth the effort!

Sago Palm

Technically, the Sago Palm isn’t a true palm and actually belongs to the cycads, a group of ancient tropical plants. However, with bright green feathery leaves, it looks close enough, and we can’t resist it.

Areca Palm


Create your own slice of paradise within your home with the Areca Palm. This lush plant resembles a palm tree and is also praised for its air-purifying qualities, and can bring relief to dry skin - impressive!⁠ Mist regularly to keep it its foliage looking green and healthy.

Livistona Rotundifolia 

The Livistona may be one of the smaller varieties of indoor palm, but it’s no less striking. It’s loved for its glossy, fan-shaped foliage and ability to purify the air. This variety is from a family that is found in the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia, Australia and the Horn of Africa and takes its name from the Baron of Livingston.

Parlour Palm

Native to the rainforests of Southern Mexico, this plant may look high maintenance, but has adapted to live in both low light and low temperatures. Perfect if you’re prone to plant neglect.