Biophilic Design – The Interiors Trend You Should Be Making A Note Of

Biophilic Design – The Interiors Trend You Should Be Making A Note Of

Make space for nature in your home by bringing the outside in.

“Bio-what?” We hear you say. Biophilic design is a nature-inspired approach to home décor. Essentially, it’s all about connecting the outdoors with the indoors – and it can boost your health and wellbeing in the process. The word ‘biophilia’ literally means ‘love of nature’ and is all about reconnecting with our innate attraction to the natural world after years of living in agrarian settings. Much of this, you could argue, has been somewhat lost and forgotten along the way with modern life seeing us spend the majority of our time in urban surroundings. It’s so easy to get back in touch with our green heritage however – chances are if you’re already a fan of houseplants as we suspect, you’re already on the right path to creating a biophilic home. Here’s more on how you can make the most of this trend within your abode.

Plant power

An obvious place to start is by adding houseplants to your home. Whether it’s trailing vines like the Hoya Linearis, tall trees like the virtually unkillable Kentia Palm or cute cacti – there’s an abundance of plants to suit every home space and style. We’re sure you’re already aware, but plants are clever beings – not only pretty to look at, bringing some much needed greenery inside, but some can also purify the air within your home. If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and replicate that feeling of breathing in fresh air you get find from a walk within nature, then adorning your home with air purifying plants is pretty much the next best thing. We recommend the Snake Plant or Swiss Cheese Plant for easy-care air purifiers.

Window to the world

Open your curtains and blinds, and enjoy all the outside world has to offer you. Make sure that there isn’t any obstructions or clutter getting in the way of your windows either and soak up all of the natural daylight to give your circadian rhythm a boost. Enjoy the fresh air that wafts in to and let this refresh your home. And this isn’t just a visual experience – when your windows are open you can really listen and appreciate to the sounds of nature, such as birds singing early in the morning, or the rain pattering down against the window pane.  These are simple pleasures many of us forget about.

Go natural

Avoid synthetic man-made furniture and opt for natural materials like wood, cork or bamboo, which can be made into anything from bookshelves to bedside tables. Not only are they a more sustainable option that will last longer, but this truly is bringing a bit of the outside world in. The rustic appearance adds a dimension of texture too.

Picture perfect

Add some artwork to your home that is themed on nature. Choose anything from your favourite beach, a woodland, animals in their natural habitat or a beautiful sunset – there are many images that can evoke memories of precious moments spent in nature. Pick something that is personal to you, and it’ll make you smile each time to look at it.

Colour me pretty

Colour is another important element of biophilic design as the outside world is bursting with a multitude of different shades from golden sunsets, to deep forest greens and vibrant blues as inspired by the ocean. Of course, these can be quite striking if used all together, so we’d recommend using neutrals like muted greens, browns and creams for large areas like walls, then contrasting with more vibrant pops of colour for soft furnishings, lights or artwork.