how to style: the gravel and rock garden

how to style: the gravel and rock garden

Easy to maintain and assemble, gravel gardens work whatever size outdoor space you have - here’s some ideas for getting the best from yours.

Colour match your gravel

Pick the shade of your gravel and rocks carefully so that it complements your existing outdoor space. For example, grey gravel works well with blacks and browns. Or if you want to make it a feature, go for a contrasting shade.

Add some greenery

Of course, we would strongly advise you to add plants! Yucca  and Cordyline are two options that work particularly well in a gravel garden. Mediterranean and drought-tolerant plants would also be happy in this kind of out outdoor space.

Mix and match with your patio

Incorporating patio slabs alongside gravel adds a dimension of texture and interest to your garden. This could also be a lovely place to position garden furniture, too, for a delegated chill out zone within your outdoor space.

Create a walkway

Gravel doesn’t need to dominate your garden – use it to create a walkway that leads to your favourite plants or a seating area. Make sure to give them a neat, well-defined border for maximum impact.