The best plants for Easter gifts and decorations

The best plants for Easter gifts and decorations

Celebrate the long Easter weekend, the green way, with some of our favourite plants that multi-task as great presents and table décor.

Whilst chocolate is the obvious first port of call for the looming bank holiday weekend, some seasonal plants are also placed fairly high on our list of priorities. Not only do plants work well as a centrepiece for your table when enjoying Easter lunch, but they also make great gifts. Whether you’re treating a loved one who you’re missing and unable to celebrate with this year, or if you just want to go full on spring mode for the big day, here are some plants worth considering.

Rose Catalina

There’s always something so charming about a rose bush – their soft, pastel pink colouring and delicate blooms are synonymous with spring time and despite their gentle appearance, it’s a very hardy plant and will produce flowers for long periods of time. Another reason these make our Easter list is due to their sweet scented flowers which will really have you feeling like spring has well and truly arrived – even if the weather outside tells a different story.

Medinilla Magnifica

With magnificent in its Latin name, this tropical plant certainly lives up to expectations – it grows pink flowers that resemble clusters of grapes which is what has earned it its common name of the Rose Grape. Its blooms really do ooze a feeling of spring and coupled with its large foliage, it makes for a real stand out piece – perfect for those Easter decorations. Just make sure you mist it and keep away from dry heat sources.

Peace Lily

Lily plants are said to be very symbolic, especially as their white flowers often carry connotations of purity and innocence. For some, they have religious significance and for others, they represent new beginnings – both of which link back to Easter time. The Peace Lily is one our popular gifting plants, and with good reason! It is incredibly easy to care for despite its white blooms looking like they may be high maintenance. It’s also a great air purifying.

Bunny Ear Cactus

Well, what is Easter without the Easter bunny? This unique-shaped cactus is a playful nod to such as its pads resemble bunny ears and its hair-like spines (glochids) look like fur, hence the name. This would make a great gift and will be loved by kids for its fun appearance, just be careful they do not handle it as the spikes could hurt if touched.

Bromelia Guzmania

With a distinctive pink rosette-shaped flower head and striking blade like foliage, the Bromelia Guzmania does spring blooms in its own unique way. It comes from the Bromeliaceae family, where there are over 120 types of plant and it can flower for months at a time – so you can enjoy this plant long after Easter. Keep it looking its best by topping up its humidity by misting regularly, and hydrate it by pouring water into the central rosette.